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Pharmaceutical industry soluti
The warehousing system of the pharmaceutical industry is the node part of the logistics network. It functions as a hub among supplier, customer, service provider and transportation in the logistics relationship.The rational design of the warehouse system can reduce the inventory, increase the commodity turnover rate, reduce the storage operation cost, optimize the transportation and so on. It has a crucial influence on the whole logistics system for the whole industry logistics and its logistics customers.
Yucang can take you to :
· optimize warehouse and yard facilities layout
· guarantee the goods accurately and quickly go on shelves
· improve the accuracy of inventory statistics
· identify the hidden costs quickly during business process
· matural prediction with highly flexiblity and true multi-owner management
· improve customer service quality through continuous improvement of order accuracy, cross-forwarding, order fulfillment and lead time
• connect with barcode systems or RFID devices
Yukang warehousing applies to:
1. applicable to single logistics center, single logistics center multi-warehouse structure, multi-layer organization multi-logistics center structure 
2. applicable to a variety of customer logistics management model, formulate flexibly according to customer needs(delivery node mode, batch and batch number mode, general mode, etc.) 
3. able to manage a variety of forms of warehouse (plane without tray, plane with tray,warehouse with shelves, automatic warehouse, etc.) 
4. able to identify bar code of location and cargo 
           According to the business and the actual storage conditions,Yucang plans warehouse storage area reasonably through  the combination of application different types of shelves , along with the warehouse management system. We can fully achieve more higher operating efficiency, get access to higher capacity and more scientific period management!