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Guangdong flywheel Polytron Technologies Inc-Drive-in Rackin

Click: second  Source:未知 Time:2017-06-25

The features of Drive-in Racking are following: 
  1. It is a continual and integral racking without divided channel.On the support rails, the tray is placed in the direction of depth,one after one, which makes high-density storage possible. 
  2. Workers get access to goods from the same side of the racking.Picking goes after loading. Counterbalanced lift truck and forward fork lift can easily get access to goods in the middle of the racking without the need of taking up multiple channels. 
  3. This racking is suitable for storage of large quantities but less variety of goods. 
  4. Drive-in pallet racking has full assembly structure. The column is for the assembly structure.The total depth of the wall area of ​​the rackings can be designed for up to the depth of seven pallets. The middle area can be both sides of the total depth of the shelves of the depth of 9 pallets to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access. 
  5. Cost is relatively low, which is suitable for large horizontal size, less variety and large number of goods whose access mode can be scheduled for the situation. It is commonly used to store a large number of the same type of goods.It is widely used in various types of warehouses and logistics centers such as: food, tobacco, dairy, beverage and other industries.It is often employed in cold storage.